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Heat Transfer Technology Used on Cloths

Sep. 29, 2017

The pattern of glioma Sublimation is a new technology, the sublimation ink and sublimation heat transfer printing machine special pattern printed on the product. If not glial, transfer to the clothes, the ink is directly sublimed to clothing fibers, firmness with fabric, color and sharp, more suitable for colorful patterns.


  1. Sublimation transfer: at present mainly applies only to the surface is polyester fiber clothes, such as fast and comfortable and sweat shirt shirt, with white colored clothes. Clothes are best using digital sublimation ink, and colored fiber fusion, will make the pattern color and the original difference, does not recommend the use of glue film transfer.

  2. At present, the main technology: for high cotton content of clothing. A variety of colors can be plastic film transfer, but dark clothes should use a higher price of heat transfer machine, the gum is heavier, and the quality is unstable.

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