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High Density Sublimation Heat Transfer Offset Ink Factory

Oct. 28, 2017

Offset sublimation ink before playing in the use of small samples for plate printing. We will determine the sample plate printing if the deviation is small. Our company developed the high denstity sublimation heat transfer offset ink with stable colof, bright color, and high color fastness. It is environmentally friendly offset printing sublimation of ink. This ink is non-toxic, harmless, no smell, no adverse effects on the human body.

High Density Sublimation Heat Transfer Offset Ink

This high density sublimation heat transfer offset ink is stable color sublimation heat transfer offset ink, which can be used for sport suit, fleece, map printing, polyester printing, in the pillow, cushions, car mats, clothing, shoes and hats, polyester fabrics and various chemical fiber fabric on the thermal transfer.Suitable for a variety of domestic and imported thermal transfer machines, its excellent ink has been unanimously approved by domestic and foreign customers.



Heat Transfer Offset Ink Color Fastness Grade

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