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Offset Sublimation Thermal Transfer Ink Adjustment Skill

Oct. 31, 2017

Offset Sublimation thermal transfer ink, according to the original analysis of the hue to determine which color is the main color. Then the other colors are auxiliary colors, which should be gradually added. Because sublimation ink gas coloring, so you need to play the sample to determine the sample according to the proportion of the sample printing production. Color can be used when the two ink into, do not use three colors to tune, so as not to reduce the gloss of ink effectiveness.

Offset Sublimation Thermal Transfer Ink

Offset sublimation thermal transfer ink printing products: bright colors, clear pattern, strong three-dimensional sense, realistic and realistic. Thermal transfer images will not fall off, crack and fade, and light, wear, scratch resistance, more durable. The ink layer and the product surface is dissolved as a whole, the printed material is very soft and no feel, because the ink in the transfer process has been dry, so the image life and the fabric itself as long, which greatly improve the product grade.

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