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Offset Printing Heat Transfer Ink _ How to Prevent Layout Dirty?

Sep. 14, 2017

The principle of sublimation offset printing ink balance is minimizing the amount of wetting liquid in advance of layout is not dirty. Many dynamic variables in the printing process changes are easily lead to ink balance broken. Offset printing machine operator needs to actively check, prevent scrumming. Layout priority detection should be the most easily scrumming parts:

a. Small white text and lines turns to be dirty easily, especially when the plate no level. b. The darkened part of the level version easy to paste off. c. The plate edges is more easily dirty due to its position.

Offset Printing Heat Transfer Ink

What is said above is mainly aimed at some problems should be paid attention to the assessment of vision. The qualified factory should check together with control strip and instrument checks to achieve the best effect. The control strip has the function of amplifying for these imperceptible printing fault visually , but placing control strip must use larger paper, which increases the production cost. The density and chromaticity detection detection is not affected by the environment and subjective factors, and the results are more objective in terms of value, is an indispensable standard production tool. The measurement sensitivity of dark parts by density meter is superior to the visual assessment of ink of the deep parts of the light. Therefore, when printing light color field, it is mainly based on visual evaluation. While printing dark color field, try to use density meter to detect auxiliary.

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