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How to Store Sublimation Offset Ink?

Sep. 12, 2017

Normally, we purchase more ink than we use. Do you know how to store the remaining sublimation offset ink correctly?

Sublimation Offset Ink

(1) Ink should be away from the fire and heat source, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. (2) The storehouse is better keep a constant temperature, which is almost the same with printing shop’s. You should put the ink in the printing shop in advance if there is a big temperature difference between the two. Thus not only conducive to the stability of the ink performance, also ensure the production efficiency. (3) In some cold areas, you should avoid storing the ink outdoors, to prevent the ink at a low temperature occurs cementations. If the ink occurs cementations, you can move it to the high temperature of the warehouse or put it in hot water to make it restore. (4) Use it quickly. Long time storage will affect its use. Normally, the ink should be used during one year once it was open. (5) The remaining ink must be sealed and stored in the shadows. It must be filtered with more than 100 mesh screen, fully stirred, and then mixed with new ink. (6) Avoid dust.

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