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Wetting Fluid for Offset Heat Transfer Printing Ink

Oct. 18, 2017

Type of wetting fluid:

Usually the printing material supplier to the printing plant to provide wetting fluid is concentrated powder or stock solution, need to add the appropriate amount of tax allocated to the appropriate concentration before use. At present, the wetting fluid is roughly divided into ordinary moisturizing liquid, alcohol moisturizing liquid and nonionic surfactant moisturizing fluid three categories, printing machine wetting system structure, printing plate, transfer paper, sublimation ink and other production Conditions are selected when the type of wetting fluid need to consider the factors.

Composition of wetting fluid:

Ordinary wetting fluid is composed of water and inorganic acid, inorganic acid salt electrolyte, hydrophilic colloid and other substances. Inorganic acid mainly phosphoric acid and citric acid; inorganic acid salts are ammonium dihydrogen phosphate or aluminum phosphate, ammonium dichromate, ammonium nitrate and other electrolytes; colloids mainly gum arabic or CMC.

Offset Heat Transfer Printing Ink

Advantages of acid wetting fluids:

Most of the wetting fluids are acidic. Citric acid and phosphoric acid are usually added into wetting liquid. The blank part of the plate of alumina sand, in the printing process will gradually be worn off, reducing the surface roughness and reduce its wetting performance of the wetting fluid. The acid added to the wetting liquid can be chemically reacted with the exposed aluminum metal after the wear of the white layer of the hydrophilic layer of the printing layer to produce aluminum phosphate instead of alumina sand to maintain the hydrophilicity of the blank part of the printing plate.

Phosphate can react with the calcium, magnesium and potassium salts of arabic acid in the Arabian gum to decompose more of the arabic acid and form a hydrophilic layer on the surface of the blank part of the plate. In addition, phosphoric acid and citric acid on the metal with a cleaning effect, can be corroded to the printing plate blank part of the oil, acid deficiency, the layout easy to stolen goods.

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